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September 5, 2013 by locu5amoenu5

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Trimtab-in-Training ‘s insight:

"Since in most soils the indigenous populations of mycorrhizal fungi are present, the

preinoculation of seedlings in inert substrates without native mycorrhizal
symbionts give the introduced fungal strain the spatial advantage over the
indigenous fungi which colonize the roots during cultivation period or after
transplanting of plants into the field soil (POWELL 1984). In soilless substrates
lacking the indigenous mycorrhiza or under the conditions where field soils are
fumigated and most of the indigenous mycorrhizal fungi are eliminated,
mycorrhizal inoculation is often successful and it can increase crop uniformity and
reduce transplant mortality (VOSÄTKA 1995). The plants grown from cuttings or
small seedlings can be inoculated with pure strains of effective mycorrhizal fungi
with rapid colonization rates, which allows a successful colonization of newly
formed roots after transplanting. Four experiments were performed to find the
effects of inoculation with AMF on the growth of Cyclamen persicum, Euphorbia
pulcherrima, Verbena sp. and inoculation with EMF on the growth of
Rhododendron sp. in horticulture practice."

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