Welcoming plants to the Web of Thing

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February 26, 2014 by locu5amoenu5

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Researchers are wiring plants to harness their intelligence and use them as organic biosensors.


“Italian researchers are building a network of connected “cyborg” plants (plantborgs? cyplants? cyberflora?) to use as organic biosensors. The plants are embedded with a tiny electronic device to monitor things like pollution levels, overuse of chemicals, temperature, parasites, acid rain, and communicate the data through a wireless network back to the lab.”

Trimtab-in-Training ‘s insight:

"Those roots sprawling out through the ground and branches reaching up into the sky are plants’ eyes and ears, constantly monitoring natural chemical and physical stimuli to survive—that intelligence is why plants have been able to adapt and evolve on Earth for so many millennia, Vitaletti explains. Plants give off an electrical signal when they interact with environmental stimuli, and now scientists want to analyze those signals to glean insights from the cybernetic flora."

See on motherboard.vice.com

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