What Is The Curve?

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The Curve is where we are now at this point in the “Human Experiment.” This is not the first Curve, nor the last. Though each Curve is unique in itself, the Curves as a whole are not unique to Human History alone.

life-on-the-curve, as the blog you seeing here, is simply a way for one solitary “Space Monkey” to try and make sense of it all.

Here in the “infant stages” of life-on-the-curve most of the posts and pages will be created via the divine equation of:

<[Ctrl+C] x [Ctrl+V]= [Done4Now]>

Don’t worry. This is only temporary as the Space Monkey/Blogger scrambles to put all the random thoughts, notes, and bookmarked websites down in one spot. Unfortunately, there are these other inconvenient “real world” things that some call “responsibilities” that must also be dealt with.

This Space Monkey/Blogger is not a big fan of such inconveniences but apparently has no choice in the matter.

For now, enjoy the “in progress” pages of mostly copy & pasted things. Feel free to add opinion and insight.

Soon (hopefully) the blog will grow out of it’s infancy and make  baby steps towards adulthood in the form of some sort of “coherent, extracurricular, thesis paper thing-a-jig.”

…May <*Insert Higher Power Here*> help us all. Lulz.


Yours Truly,

With Love,

A Space Monkey With A Blog Who’s Just Another Part Of The Universe Experiencing Itself

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