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“The Case for Permaculture”
        by Bill Wilson of
Midwest Permaculture

“Introduction to Permaculture:

Our Free 18-Part YouTube Series

It’s a bit lengthy (18 part series. 1hr, 30min long), but was quite helpful in my early research into Permaculture concepts.

I’d suggest at least viewing the Overview video if you want to get the basics without spending an hour & a half on the full series.

Here are some of it’s key points:

  1. Number 1 export (in measurement of # of tons)?
    • Top Soil– “If you were to go to the mouth of the Mississipi river and scoop up a gallon of water, put it in a centerfuge, you can measure the suspended solids in that gallon, then you multiply that times the billions of gallons of water that move out of the mouth of the river and you end up with a truck load of topsoil every 3 to 10 seconds depending on the (?)time(?).
  2. Estimates for Total Recoverable Oil: Approx Two Trillion Barrels.

    • So how much is that?
      {example used for sake of perspective; comparison to amount of water in the Great Lakes}
      6 Quadrillion Gal.= a 6 with fifteen zeros. 6,000,000,000,000,000.
      Divide that by 42 (gal/barrel) = 143,000,000,000,000 = 143 trillion barrels of water in the great lakes
      So, 2 Trillion barrels of Oil vs 143 Trillion barrels of water = equivalent of 1.4% of Volume of Great Lakes.
      Or, Less  Than The Size Of Green Bay
    • …..
    • …..
  3. Goal of Permaculture Design:

    • Reverse the CONSUMPTION model into a Creation model.
    •     Build the topsoil
    •     Grow enough healthy food to feed the world
    •     Repair devastated lands- Re-grow rainforests
    •     Produce the energy we need
    •     Create resilient communities and cities
    •     Improve everyone’s overall quality of life
    •     Possibly retard/reverse global warming

  4. ….



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